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From the Porta Marina gate, the tour path climbs up towards the Forum which was the main square in Pompeii. The area is known as reserved only for pedestrians and it was forbidden for vehicles. The forum was the heart of Pompeii's daily life. and thete were the most important municipal, religious and commercial buildings in the town. It was also the intersection of the main streets. Around the Forum there are two important temples, the public and governmental offices , as well as legal offices and a some markets. There were no private houses in the area.
The forum runs north-south for 142 metres and is 38 metres wide. As it had always been the seat of political and religious power, its buildings were frequently modified to reflect new construction techniques or fashions, cultural and political influences and also changes in cult worship.


Forum in Pompei

The architecture in the Forum was characterized by a colonnade on three sides while the fourth side provided an uninterrupted view of the Temple of Jupiter. It was paved with travertine stone slabs, only a few traces of which now remain. Originally the colonnade consisted of a double order of Nuceria tuff-stone columns with Doric columns in the lower order and Ionic columns in the upper one. A few remains of these can be seen in the southern part of the Forum, while the western part preserves traces of the stairs leading up to the open gallery.
The travertine stone colonnade was started in the Julio-Claudian age but was never completed. The bases of numerous statues are visible in the Forum. On these stood equestrian statues of emperors and influential citizens of the town and include the Suggestum, which was used for speaking to the townspeople. However, not a single statue was ever found.

Forum Pompeii._düzenlendi.jpg

After the earthquake of 62 A.D. the Forum became a huge building site to repair the damage and all the statues were transferred elsewhere. Moreover, it is thought that the Forum, like other parts of the town, was stripped of its marble and even its floor immediately after the eruption of 79 A.D.

On either side of the Temple of Jupiter the Forum was closed by two arches topped with equestrian statues. The arch on the right-hand side is thought to be dedicated to Nero.

Temple of Jupiter
forum of Pompei, illustration

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