House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto

The house of Marcus Lucretius Fronta which is one of the well preserved and restored houses is situated in a side street on the Via Nolawhich. The house is ornomented with third style decorations, which are considered to be better than the ones which were found in Rome. The walls are full of decorations depicting arabesques and hunting scenes, and the black floor with pieces of marble differs the house from the other houses in Pompeii.

House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto.jpg

The  mythological paintings on the left of one of the walls illustrates the marriage of Venus and Mars while to the right we can see the Triumph of Bacchus accompanied by Ariadne on a carriage drawn by oxen.


In the yellow there is another painting on the left between a group of cupids which depicts Narcissus looking at his reflection in the water and, on the right, Perona breastfeeding her old father, Myconis. Detail of tablinum decoration, Mars and Venus

Detail of tablinum decoration, Mars and

Detail of tablinum decoration, Mars and Venus



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