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Rogalin is a village located on the Warta River in Western Poland, & is 19 kilometers away from the city of Poznan. If you are in Poznan & have time to enjoy yourself  and if you have the means to drive, I suggest you go and see. in the Rogalin Nature Park, there is also the palace  belonging to the Racnyziski family, which was built with 18th-century baroque architecture in the area famous with its oak trees and . The palace also includes paintings by some famous Polish and foreign artists. These are painters such as Claude Monet and the artist of Jean D'arc, Jan Matejko. The last owner of the property is Count Edward Bernard Raczynski, President of the Republic of Poland (1979-1986). After the Count, the palace, gallery, library and church were donated to the people and the state of Poland. The tomb is also kept under the church. The 3 historic oak trees in the Rogalin park are the most important elements of the park. It is said that the trees with the names Lech, Chech and Russ, represent 3 legendary brothers who make up 3 different Slavic nations. these are the Polish people, the Czechs and the Russians.


The Rogalin park, where the Rogalin palace is located, is also an ideal place to walk, especially in the warm and beautiful weather, and to experience the feeling of being in the lap of nature. walk to the lake in the extension of the field. There is also a place near the palace where individuals can eat and drink.


Jean D'arc by Jan Matejko

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