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Charles Wilda was the elder brother of the painter Heinrich Gottfried Wilda (1862-1922), studied as a student of the painter Leopold Carl Müller at the Vienna Academy . He belongs with Hans Makart and Leopold Müller, called Egypt-Müller , the center of Austrian Oriental painting , a special topic within the genre that he had met with Muller, the Oriental genre again earlier in Paris with the French painter Eugène Fromentin learned to appreciate. , Wilda is considered the most independent of Müller's pupils. Mueller wrote in his travel reports, "His Genre paintings are characterized by careful observation and elegant presentation, their coloration has more luster than force, more shimmer than flicker ... "The prestigious Vienna art critic Ludwig Hevesi ruled him in 1903 : " In recent times, Karl Müller found in Wilda an excellent successor ...". In his paintings played daily life in Cairo, where he was often the most important role. His paintings have titles such as "The Snake" and "The Story teller"... In 1892 he undertook the same age sculptor Arthur Strasser one Egypt trip, this was also the inspiration for his works. Since the 1880s, he put almost regularly on the Viennese annual exhibition , the Berlin International Art Exhibition , the annual exhibition of Munich or Dresden International Art Exhibition of. At the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 , he was represented as well with some of his works. His signature variants are CW , C. Wilda and Ch Wilda ... The Western Painters Rudolf Swoboda , his former classmate, painted another portrait Wilda's in the year of his death. The Künstlerhaus Vienna honored him in the autumn exhibition in 1907 with a memorial exhibition in which 50 works, nearly all of which were shown in oil on canvas. Wilda died 52-year in Vienna @

A Coppersmith, Cairo , 1884.jpg
A Souk In Cairo.jpg
Charles Wilda, Traders in Cairo.jpg
The game 1888.jpg
In the Bazaar , Cairo , 1901.jpg
Inside the Souk.jpg
The Monkey Trainer 1883.jpg
Fortune Telling , Cairo 1887.jpg
The Fruit Seller.jpg
The Mosque.jpg
The Palace Guard1884.jpeg
The Snake Charmer.jpg
The Snake Charmer2.jpg
The water carriers , 1886.jpg
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