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Kremna Ancient City Burdur/Turkey

Kremna ancent city was founded by the people of Psidia inthe village of ''Çamlık'' in Burdur province  on a hill overseeing the Aksu Valley. Ancient Psidia region is adjacent to ancient Phrygia in the north and ancient Pamfilia in the south. Kremna was one of the important cities of Psidia. Psidia was the name of a civilization that was settled in the region that covers all the lands of the Isparta and Burdur provinces and the northern part of Antalya. The roots of the people of Psidia are based on the Luwians, a civilization of at least 2000 years. The peoples of Psidia are known as a people living in and around well-preserved castles, looting and robbing. It is thought that they started urbanization since the first half of 1st century. When the Roman Emperor conquered the region under a single flag, the cities of the state of psidia experienced their brilliant periods. Antiokheia, Selge and Sagalossos are the other important Psidia cities. The remaining structures in Kremna belong to the Roman period. The city which is surrounded by walls has two entrances at the south and west. The large and small Atena, Leto, Hygeia, Nemesis dressed women, Apollon, Asclepius and Heracles statues are exhibited in the Burdur Museum Kremna Hall.

Kremna antik kenti burdur turkey

Within the Acropolis There are forums and basillica buildings where the two valleys meet. Doric Agora is located in the north of the theater and theater. There is also a large rectangular structure which cannot be named by archaeologists. Its cisterns are located in the north.
in the west there is a columned street. There are buildings used as houses in the flats on the high hills of the Acrapol and there are churches outside the city. The western and southwestern slopes of the city are necropolis (monumental graveyard).

Kremna / Acropol / Burdur / Bucak

Indefinite Structure:
Very few parts of this structure is still standing. the building is entered by using a three-step staircase. The statues that were excavated by the villagers are being exhibited in the Burdur Museum.
Columnar Road:
The columned road, which is called '' Cordo '' in the Roman cities and was built with with columns on both sides of the road and shops in two rows, is 235 meters long. The bodies of columns are made of granite stones.
Western Wall:
It is thought that it was built during the reign of Emperor Probus in the period of Emperor Probus M.S.270. There are many watchtowers on the wall.

Kremna bath & Library building
Krema antik kenti
Kremna library & bath
Kremna Burdur

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Wiew of the Aksu walley from Kremna Acropolis

Where is Kremna Ancient city & How to go?
The ancient city of Kremna is located in Çamlık Village, 25 km east of Bucak, south of Sagalassos. While traveling from Antalya to Isparta the crossroad to the city is seen on the left, From Isparta to Antalya vice-versa. After the turn, you must climb a few kilometers and pass through Çamlık village, which is very developed for a mountain village. The road climbing with fig trees and other plants is quite fun and peaceful. The valley view from the summit will be great when you reach.

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