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Mesotymolus Ancient Site in Katakekaumene Area  / Uşak Province / Turkey

Mesotymolus was an ancient Roman and Byzantine-era city on the Hermus River in ancient Lydia.

The city was the seat of an ancient bishopric which remains a vacant titular see to this day.

Traditionally, its site has been connected with ruins near Takmak, Eşme, modern scholars treat Mesotymolus as unlocated

Mesotymolus was one of the ten cities (Decapolis) in katakekaumene district in Uşak province of modern Turkey. Katakekaumene or Catacecaumene was a name for a district in Lydia (modern western Turkey), and a union of ten cities in the area, during the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

The name means "burnt land" or "burnt country",referring to the pitch-black color of the lava and the dormant volcanic belt of Kula, which was first described by Strabo. Strabo (Geographica, 12.8.19) reported that some place Katakekaumene as the site of the mythological battle between Zeus and the giant Typhon.


Decapolis Cities of Lydia

  • Satala in Lydia

  • Maionia in Lydia

  • Tabala in Lydia

  • Bagis

  • Silandos

  • Saittae

  • Daldis

  • Philadelphia in Lydia

  • Apollonos-Hieron

  • Mesotimolos or Gordos



inside carved cave


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