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The Temple of Apollo is a Roman temple dedicated to the Greeko-Roman Mytghological God Apollo in the ancient Roman town of Pompeii in southern Italy. Of course it is only one of the Temples dedicated for Apollo all around the world.

Facing the northern side of the town, it is the town's most important religious building and has very ancient state of origin. The cult of Apollo which was imported from ancient Greek culture , was very widespread in Campania, and is attested in Pompeii since the 6th century BC. The sanctuary gained its present appearance in a 2nd-century BC rebuild and another reconstruction to repair the damage from the 62 earthquake. The temple, in the center of a sacred enclosure, was surrounded on all four sides by a wide series of columns that were being replaced with stucco columns and Corinthian capitals painted in yellow, red and dark blue.


apollo temple pompeii.

The doors leading from the temple directly into the Forum were closed when the people's cult interest passed to the Temple of Jupiter, which was later transformed into the Capitolium, and niches were built in their place. Statues of divinities stood around the portico but those on view today are copies. To the right of the long side of the portico you can see the bronze statue of Apollo with a bow and arrow opposite a bust of Diana. Alongside the columns marking the entrance to the temple stood two statues: Venus and a small altar on one side and an Hermaphrodite on the other. 

Temple di Apollo Pompei.jpg
inner sanctuary of the Temple of Apollo
pompeii apollo temple
apollo temple plan Pompeii
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