Ronda is a fairytale town in the region of Andalusia of Spaın. It is an old town with a breathtaking view, built on top of the rock, which is 150-200 m above the ground & wery high above the sea level. Daily tours can be reached from almost every city of the Costa del Sol and Andalusia regions.


​This is one of those towns we often met the photos in internet, which makes people say ''I must be there''.  We wisited Ronda during our holiday in Marbella. Even when we were caught in the rain on a summer day, it did not affect the enjoyment. The most important tourist attraction of the city is, of course,is the monumental stone bridge built on the canyon that separates the town into two. It stands as if it was a plateu from the movie ''Lord of the Rings''. The name of the bridge is ''Puento Nuovo''. whether you Look from the bottom to the top, or from top to bottom is a historical architectural wonder that creates distinct feelings.

The history of the town dates back quite long and was established in the sixth century BC. After a period of Roman domination, the city was dominated by the Suevis and the Visigoths; When the city was taken by the Spaniards in 1485, it was the last settlement of the Umayyads in Spain. For those periods, it seems impossible to invade the town due to its geographic and geological location, just as how difficult it was to invade ''Masada'' in Israel's Najaf Desert because ofthe similar features. Puento Nuovo bridge was built in 1793 to provide integrity when the city expanded to the north in the 17th and 18th centuries. It's also a pleasure to watch the wiew from the bridge. The small stream beneath the canyon evokes a desire to discover.

During the Spanish civil war, the people of Ronda have engaged in an intense guerrilla war against the fascists. There are rumors that some fascist supporters have been thrown off the bridge.

About 100 meters before you arrive at the bridge, you will be greeted by a traditional bullfight arena called Plaza De Toros. The most typical and original image for Spain. The people outside the arena with matador clothes and horses to take pictures is more and more popular.



The Plaza Duqueasa de Parcent is the most important square in the town. You can take a break from your trip and relax in this square, and individuals can eat and drink. The fountain in the center of the square is decorated with sculptures & it is worth seeing. The statue represents Hercules from Greek Mythology. The church of Santa Maria Del Mayor is a must-see.

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The Arabian bath in Ronda is another historical sight. extremely well preserved. Don't hesitate to look from the outside, you must see the interior.





There are also ruins from Roman period on a hill outside the town. It is known as the ruins of Acipino. If you are interested in ancient Roman culture & history you might want to see there. Consider that it is not at a distance to walk. The road is about 20 km. Roman culture as well as Bronze Age remains were found in the area.


paintings about Ronda

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Ronda and Ernest Hamingway

One of the elements that make Ronda famous is Ernest Hemingway, who is also a lover of Ronda. As you know, Hamingway is the Nobel laureate writer who is the creator of unforgettable novels such as Old Man and Sea, Arms Farewell to whom he plays for the bells. It is known that Hamingway is a bullfighting and hunting enthusiast and therefore lived in Ronda for a period of time where he is also a fan. During the Spanish civil war, there were rumors that Hamingway was in the region.

Another famous admirer of Ronda who has been to Ronda many times is the director and actor Orson Wells.

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