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'' TLOS '' ancient city / The city of Mythological Winged Horse '' ''Pegasus'' 

The ancient city of Tlos is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is in one of the oldest settlements of the region which is known as the Lycian Region. The ancient city of Tlos, located within the boundaries of the Yaka District of Seydikemer district of Mugla Province, is located in the BC. was established in 2000.

The ancient city of Tlos can be reached by minibuses departing from Fethiye. If you go by car, from Fethiye to Kas, after heading out to the main road to Antalya direction, you must return to Seydikemer in the left direction. After passing through rural settlements for a while, you will climb a bit and reach the ancient city. The city has been made on height & with high walls in order to be the most difficult to reach, with the classic security concerns of that period.    


Around 500 meters high steep slopes and naturally protected acropolis hill are reinforced by walls. There are temple tombs carved into the rocks on the hillside while climbing to Tlos. The most magnificent of these tombs is the carved rock tomb, which is said to have belonged to Bellerophontes, where Bellerophontes was depicted as fighting the three-headed monster Chimera on the winged horse Pegasus. Of course, if Bellerophontes is a Greek hero of Mythological and his name is mentioned in the Iliad epic, its correctness is discussed. (For information-https: // In the entrance there are two columns, a three-part wall, a door adorned with decorations in the middle, and the doors leading to the burial chamber. At the foot of the acropolis are several rows of seats, stadium, baths, theater and church ruins. There are nine-meter-wide Lycian (Lycian) wall remains in the flat below the castle. The six-arched gate stands in the south of the city agora and the Roman walls are seen. The important structure of Tlos is its theater. However, the stadium is also of great importance. Tlos is also known as the city that organizes the most sports competition in Lycia.


Bellerophontes was depicted as fighting the three-headed monster Chimera on the winged horse Pegasus.

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