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Sillion Ancient City / Serik / Antalya

Silyon is an ancient settlement situated on a high hill between Aspendos and Perge which is 15 km from Serik district of Antalya. When you are travelling from Antalya  to Alanya from you take the turn to left on the 29th km of the road and it is 12 km away. İf you choose  ''Belek'' exit, it is 8 km. The road to the ancient city is not a difficult road. At the end of the road you will reach a village. Do not expect a majestic ancient city that can be seen from far away. The village is interwoven with the ancient city. it has never been excavated and completely abandoned. There are not many visitors. When you go there you can be the only person or people who are in the ancient city. joking, but You can experience the archaeologist adrenanin, who discovered a new ancient city while fooling around. Don't forget to get help from the locals in your little discovery adventure. As the locals say, the best place where you can get information is the market-cafe mix space at the opposite side of the mosque. there is no any other place,  though. Here you can get tea and some snacks, and get a preliminary information before you start to climb. Because the ancient city does not have a certain and controlled entrance, they tell you the most appropriate route. 


The ancient city was founded on the hill of KOÇHİSAR near the village of Yanköy. It is said to be one of the richest cities of the ancient era. According to a story, it was founded as a result of migrations after the Trojan War.  Once upon a time, the Kingdom of Pergammon was dominating the city. Nowadays, The ancient city Silyon, which has not been excavated and is not under protection, is unvisible from a distance and in ruin since it is not done cleaning and landscaping. A massive terrace between the woods, made of using large and heavy stones between the woods is noticeable. In general, the ancient structure on which the goats graze is the only surviving ancient structure. One of the best protected ancient structure is the tower you see above.



The Hellenistic ancient city, the place of which was chosen to be established, naturally in front of a hill, did not need much to be fortified. For this reason, only the  walls in front of the city were built to fortify the castle. you'll have to climb a little steep footpath to explore the entire area. So make sure your health condition is appropriate and wear suitable shoes. you will also see a fountain. It is also pleasant to drink water from a natural source instead of a plastic bottle as you visit the ancient area. You can also share the water down the fountain with the goats to cool your feet.


bronze 10 assarion struck by Gallienus in Sillyum.

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