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The archaeological museum of Biskupin is about 1 hour (90 km) north of Poznan, about 4 hours northwest of Warsaw. The site after the museum  is a restored area, including a settlement dating back to the Iron Age. When it was first discovered, it was thought to be one of the first Slavic settlements within the Polish borders, but later it was identified that it was belonging to the Lusatian culture of the Biskupine group.


The museum and excavation area is built on a peninsula stretching to the Biskupin lake in a small town called Znin.

The restoration is quite successful and you're going to be in a time capsule starting from the main entrance. There are a lot of people interested in historical places in the world and there are also many historical or archeological places to visit. But it is wery hard to find an archaeological settlement belonging to the Iron Age. Therefore it deserves to attract a lot of attention.

A wooden castle built according to the original, large kennels used as a public living area, small huts and stables are among the must-see. There are also wooden canoes  in the lake.


There is also a modern museum in the area. Inside the museum you can see the ethnographic works of the period, the human skeletons, the weapons of the Iron Age and a small model of the area.

The open-air museum can be visited even for its natural beauty. The paths inside the yellowed forest, especially in the autumn, are great.

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