Cendere / Septimus Severus Bridge Adıyaman

Cendere Bridge, also known as the Severan Bridge, the Roman Bridge or the Septimius Severus Bridge, is located on the Cendere Brook, of which  the ancient name Cabinas. The bridge is named because it combines the two sides of the stream flowing through a magnificent canyon. a huge huge pond-like water basin, which is formed by the river streaming under the bridge and the walls of the canyon are both spooky and fascinating. While going to direction from Adıyaman province to the Town Kahta, first you pass through the side of ''Blackbird'' tumulus and the Town Kahta, than you reach to a crossroad to the Sincik-Kocasinan destination where the bridge is located.  Bridge was built by the order of of Roman Emperor Sepimus Severus by the soldiers of XVI legion which was settled in Samsat the old name of which was ''Samasota'' 

The Cendere Bridge is a magnificent monumental example of ancient Roman architecture. The bridge consisting of two arches, one of which is a main arch and one smaller evacuation arch, is made of cut stones each having  tons of weight. It is 7 meters wide, 30 meters high and 120 meters long. The bridge joins in the middle by rising from the ramp on both sides. The most interesting architectural feature is that the bridge is built without mortar. The construction method is the lockingstone  technique used in the arched building by architecturers of Roman empire.  Considering that such arched structures are made by agglomerating soil under the arhed structure to be constructed and then removing this soil it is understood that the Roman has changed the direction of the water for a period. The lockingstone construction technique increases both the static resistance of the bridge and the monumental appearance of the bridge. Although all the structures in the ancient areas are mostly damaged or destroyed, it can be observed in many places where a large or small multi-arch structured built with the keystone technique stands standing.


There are corinthian columns on both sides of the south entrance of the bridge. It is understood by the inscription on the bridge that one of the columns was dedicated to the Emperor Septimius Severus who had the bridge constructed and the other to his wife Julia Domna. The inscription on the column on one side of the other entrance to the north indicates that this column was dedicated to their son Caracalla. It is known that there used to be another column dedicated in the name of their other son Geta during the period when the bridge was built. However, Caracalla (211-217 AD), who succeeded to be the Roman Emperor after the death of Septimius Severus, ardered all the monuments associated with his brother geta to be destroyed. The soldiers destroyed all the monuments that were planted on Roman soil under the name of Geta. The column on Septimus Severus bridhe was one of them.

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Septimus Severs ve julia domna colums
Septimus severus-cendere köprüsü esk llstrasyon
Severan Bridge old Photo
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