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austrıan orıentalıst paınter

Ludwig Deutsch's Masterpiece ''The Tribute'' Oil on canvas
The Tribute is a landmark work of Orientalism.  Rich in details, the work defines the ‘constructed realism’ of which Deutsch was the master. A cortège of four figures approaches an entrance guarded by a Nubian sentinel to pay their tributes. Leading the retinue is a bearded elder with an elaborately patterned turban and babouche slippers; in his hand he bears a scroll in a protective case; its message can only be guessed. Following behind are a nobleman and a soldier. The soldier wearing the peacock-feather helmet carries a Persian Qajar ivory-hilted jambiya in his belt and an Ottoman shamshir sword with a curved blade in his hand. They are accompanied by a servant carrying the gifts to be presented, including a Qajar gold-overlaid helmet and an Ottoman yataghan as worn by the Janissary Guard. The well-armed sentinel standing guard, his yataghan exposed, carries not only a kindjal dagger but an Ottoman flintlock pistol and a powder flask in his belt. The entrance itself, presumably to a palace, incorporates many architectural elements from the portal of the Mosque of Sultan Hassan in Cairo
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