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An aqueduct fed the baths with water from mount Bey Dag. İn the area of Lower Agora, some of the shops in its eastern part can still be seen. It is wide and flat, located to the south of the odeon and was enclosed on three sides by a portico. At its middle are the remains of Tyche Temple.

A theatre, in excellent condition, built during the 1st century BC. It has 20 rows of seats, divided into 7 sections. At the edge of every row are holes that were used to support protective awnings.

Temple in Kaunos / The obelisk was the symbol of king Kaunos, 


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Temple Ruins

The Odeon is dated back to 2nd century AD. İts main entrance is to the south, through a triple portal. This was once a very ornate building, the interior was lined with orthostats and the walls, orchestra and seats were once covered with coloured marble. A block that was discovered (and now housed in Antalya Archaeological Museum) during the excavations over the portal bears a portrait of the Emperor Hadrian.


Arcyanda Theater


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Arcyanda Odeon (ancient Greek and Roman buildings built for singing exercises, musical shows and poetry competitions)


İnscriptions in Arcyanda (Click on photos to Enlarge)

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