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Main Buildings & Artifacts

1) Colonnaded Street: The street,one of the most important features of Syedra has survived to the present day. It starts from the fortification wall to the east of Syedra and extends westward along the 250-meter (820-feet) line. When one walks in the middle of the street, he/she will see a wall with a height of 10 meters. Near the middle of the street, there is also a row of columns, some of which have survived to the present day.

Located on the colonnaded street, a large bath is another important historical building that has survived to the present in the ancient city. The remains to the south of the bath are thought to belong to the Gymnasium.

The cisterns that meet the water needs of the city are located in the south of the colonnaded street, next to the large bath. The cisterns are used to meet the water needs even today.

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2) Acropolis: Acropolis is the most important site of ancient Greek cities. While the Syedra acropolis is surrounded by walls, it features three structures located side by side. There is also a structure called a "tower" here. The inscription of the prophecy taken from the Claros was found in this tower.

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3) Heroon: On the upper terrace on the west of the colonnaded street, another building welcomes visitors. Due to the traces of frescoes on the wall remains, this building is thought to be the heroon, a shrine dedicated to an ancient Greek or Roman hero and used for commemoration or cult worship of the hero.

4) City gates: The west and southwest gates of the city have survived to date and welcome the visitors as important historical structures. While the western gate is one of the strongest structures in the city, it is estimated to be the main gate of the city.

5) Necropolis: There are two necropolises, or a large elaborate cemetery of an ancient city. One is located in the northwest of the city and the other in the south.

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