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In 2020, the ancient columns of the Hecate temple were re-erected following extensive restoration and excavation at the site. The head of excavation at the temple, Professor Bilal Sögüt noted that visitors could now see where the columns would have stood 2050 years ago when the temple was a place of worship to the goddess Hecate. The columns were built in the Corinthian order, with 8 columns on the shorter sides of the temple, and 11 on the longer sides. An inscription on the entrance gate indicate that Emperor Augustus financially supported the Sanctuary of Hecate.


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The Sanctuary of Hecate in_Lagina,_Caria Turkey

The friezes of the Hecate sanctuary are displayed in the Istanbul Archaeology Museums. Four different themes are depicted in these friezes. These are, on the eastern frieze, scenes from the life of Zeus; on the western frieze, a battle between gods and giants; on the southern frieze, a gathering of Carian gods; and on the northern frieze, a battle of Amazons.

Lagina was Christianised at an early date and was the seat of a bishop; no longer a residential see, it remains a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church.


East frieze from the Temple of Hekate at Lagina depicting the birth of Zeus. Istanbul Archeology Museum


western frieze, a battle between gods and giants


Treaty between Karia and Rome (?), north frieze, Temple of Hekate at Lagina Istanbul Archaeology Museums

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