The house is thought to be belonged to Quintus Poppaeus, who was a member of the Poppaeus family to whom Nero's second wife, Poppaea Sabina belonged. The house extends over 2,000 square metres and reflects the traditional layout of an upper class Roman houseThe parts of the residence are Atrium, Peristyle, servants quarters and a bath-house.

The are also walls on which there are frescoes with a triptych inspired by the Trojan war.



On the right the death of Laocoon can be seen who was strangled by a snake; to the right, Cassandra resists abduction by Odysseus and, the last is about the scene in which Cassandra is shown while trying to convince the Trojans not to let the wooden horse enter the city.


A corridor opening to the right of the Peristyle leads to the kitchens, several basement areas and the vegetable garden. In this area a box was discovered containing 118 items of silverware, some gold objects and a few coins, all of which had been stored away until restoration work on the house was completed.

Close to Peristyle there is the bath-house the  Calidarium of which still has its original Mosaic floor and wall decorations. There are four niches at the rear of the Peristyle, The first one on the right is decorated with paintings and has an altar dedicated to the cult of the Lares, which were originally represented by five wooden or wax sculptures.

altar dedicated to the cult of the Lares

Next to a niche there is illustration of the poet Menander seated. Just before the corner of the Peristyle there is a Cubiculum which was originally a double bedroom. The position of the Mosaic floor confirms that thought. 

Beyond this area there is a part of the house where the servants lived and worked, with cells for the slaves, storerooms for wine and stables.  In the living room which opens out on the right there are the plaster casts of the bodies of twelve treasure-hunting thieves who had come here with the intention of theft.

laundry in Menander House Pompei
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